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This blog is about my daily discoveries mostly in the Spanish capital, the city I have been living in for now 15 months, but also about my travels around...
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Hauptstadt German

At Hauptstadt German, you can get your daily dose of Deutsch. Here I try to provide you with German vocabulary and culture that you may not learn in class. Just...
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I'll sugar and preserve my days like fruit

Questo blog nasce per: tenere aggiornati gli amici, parenti e conoscenti sparsi in giro per il mondo in modo più articolato che attraverso i social network;...
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West Auckland Fans

With the "West Auckland Fans" blog we share insights and things we love about the region around Auckland's west.
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Ellie Moves to Deutschland

I'm an American expat in Germany sharing my stories and impressions as I adjust to life abroad
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Der Irische Berliner

Der Irische Berliner came to Berlin on St. Patrick’s Day 2008, to live, love, and learn all there was to be lived, loved, and learned in this wonderful city....
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Live Work Germany

Resource for English-speaking expats in Germany and those wanting to relocate here | Work, Lifestyle, Travel, Bureaucracy, Relocation, Tips, Trending Topics |...
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Smart Insider Travel Guide to Almeria (Spain)

Discover Spain's best kept holiday paradise in Andalusia (Southern Spain)
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Deutschified - An Englisman's Guide to life in Germany

Deutschified helps people move from the UK to Germany, learn the language and understand the culture.
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Haustiere und Menschen

The tale of two people and two dogs moving to Germany. Expat stories of adventure, life, and travel. The good, bad, and in-between of European living.
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Leap On To The Lilypad

The adventures of the Leap family!
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Southeast Schnitzel

Interpreting German-American differences in the Tennessee Valley and beyond
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The Dusty Compass

The Dusty Compass is the travel blog of me, Danny, an American expat living in Frankfurt, Germany. A lover of languages, maps, photography, and window seats, if...
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Travels of Adam - Hipster travels around the world

Travel stories from around the world. As a 20-something, I try to find "hipster" or interesting/unique things to share about the places I've travelled...
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Maybe Too Blonde - A Life In Europe

A description of our travels and misadventures as we live in Germany and try to fulfill our goal of seeing every country in Europe with our crazy dog and only...
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