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Writing and taking pictures of life and death while jumping off multiple cultural cliffs...
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A Californian in Brussels

From the frying pan of Hollywood, I've landed back in Brussels, where I spent some of my wildest teenage years. Now, a "few" years older, I find the...
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a little bird on the windowsill of bombay

my observations on the maximum city
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A Tale of Two Countries

"Fear, lust and loathing in La Alpujarra / Bored of Brighton" - from the point of view of a single mother of two with a penchant for irony.
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Life in Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a foreigner. The cool stuff, the normal stuff, the boring stuff, the happy stuff, the irritating stuff, the dutch...
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Adventures of an American ESL Instructor Teaching at an

Personal experiences in Oman since 2008
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Babelfish Writes

Bolivia, politics, observations, and funny things the dogs here do.
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Big Bear blogs .. Berlin

A look at all aspects of Berlin life from the perspective of a new and curious emigre. Includes sections on accommodation, work, bars, restaurants, exhibitions,...
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Blij Bomen!

It's about me. And everything around me. Described by me. Even read by me.
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Blog About Croatia - Frank's View

Frank shares his experiences of Croatia: places to visit in Croatia, things to do, places to stay, dine and wine, restaurants in Croatia.
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