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New Video Dropped: Gab Hacked by DDoSecrets and Risks Private Posts, Profiles, Passwords for Users, and DMs - Gab Over?

Gab Hacked by DDoSecrets and Risks Private Posts, Profiles, Passwords for Users, and DMs - Gab Over?Link - March 01, 2021 at 02:43PM.Title: Gab Hacked by ... read more

Posted on 1 March 2021 | 3:20 pm

Stuart Oswald - Blog

First Warning: State-Sponsored Subversion - 105

Look at how subversive tactics have been deployed by authoritarian governments to challenge international opposition and persuade and control world leaders' decisions over organizations that influence... read more

Posted on 28 February 2021 | 10:57 pm

Four Seas One Family and the Expat Life

Sunday Serenity: Full Moon Over Lake Michigan

I have a confession to make. In all the time I’ve had my phone, not once did I ever check to see if it had specific settings for taking night photos. Almost every time I would take a picture of ... read more

Posted on 28 February 2021 | 6:05 pm

The Chicago Files

Foreign Women vs. American Women: 15 Major Differences and Reasons to Date Abroad! Best Comparison! (Original Benchmark Article. Groundbreaking. First of its kind!)

 Why Date Foreign Women? 15 Major Reasons and AdvantagesLiberating truths and comparisonsthat the US media will NEVER tell you!See our compelling PowerPoint PresentationWhy date Foreign women rather... read more

Posted on 6 February 2021 | 5:59 am

Blog of The Happier Abroaders - Better Dating, Social Connection and Freedom Overseas

How Colombians Brew Coffee

How is coffee typically made in Colombia? Join me as I watch a grandmother make coffee on her stove, and let me know what surprises you most about her methods. The post How Colombians Brew Coffee appe... read more

Posted on 25 January 2021 | 4:48 pm

Flavors of Bogota

My Paris Lockdown

Linda Mak wrote for Mama Loves Paris - Looking back on 2020 A personal perspective by Linda Mak It’s been a tough year  for everyone and my heart goes out to all the ... The post My Paris ... read more

Posted on 14 December 2020 | 8:30 am

Mama Loves Paris

Making Author Self-Interview Pages on Smashwords

Why should authors put out a self-interview? According to Mark Coker, C.E.O. at Smashwords, “Authors simply answer a series of questions, or create their own questions, and then click publish&he... read more

Posted on 28 November 2020 | 8:22 am

Dorion's Author Blog

Guanghua Digital Plaza and Syntrend

Guanghua Digital Plaza (光華商場) and the surrounding electronics store district is considered by many locals to be the best district to go shopping for digital bargains in Tai... read more

Posted on 23 November 2020 | 5:56 pm

Taiwanna Travel

Looking to book your next trip?

Italy has finally re-opened her doors (hurrah!) If you’re looking for a last-minute summer/Autumn getaway to Italy, I highly recommend checking out Bookings For You. Offering a range of g... read more

Posted on 21 July 2020 | 1:26 pm

Italian places -

Heavy rain warning Tuesday

Madeira and Porto Santo on Yellow warning The Portuguese Weather Institute has recently issued a yellow warning for precipitation, with periods of rain, sometimes heavy, valid between midnight and noo... read more

Posted on 1 June 2020 | 6:49 am

Madeira Island News

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