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goto Belize

Experience from a German couple in Belize
[Hits: 119 - Added: 22-04-11]


Learning to Love being an Expat

Descriptions of the trials and excitement moving with my family from the USA to Cologne, Germany.
[Hits: 114 - Added: 09-01-11]


A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife

"Inside the looking glass, the reality may not be hell, but it sure isn't heaven either. Hockey wives are wives and mothers like anyone else. But married...
[Hits: 110 - Added: 13-09-12]


All Sinks Cherman

Germans can be pretty serious people, but there are myriad funny things about how they live, work, and play. Here is a look at some of these peculiarities,...
[Hits: 108 - Added: 12-03-13]



A German's experiences in the Finnish capital. Here you find inside information about Helsinki. Find out what to do, how to get along, which places to see and...
[Hits: 104 - Added: 06-03-12]


An American in Wiesbaden

An American attempting to settle into German language & culture. With a shoe fetish.
[Hits: 97 - Added: 21-09-11]


A Mommy Abroad

As a stay at home mom and a trailing spouse, life in a new country (where I don't speak the language) is a constant adventure. We're having quite a time...
[Hits: 87 - Added: 13-03-13]

Category: Expat life


la politique allemande pour les Nuls

Franco-allemand vivant à Francfort depuis 8 ans, Président du Mouvement Démocrate en Allemagne et membre de Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen. Impliqué depuis...
[Hits: 82 - Added: 14-05-09]

Category: Social/Politic


Chasing Linda

My blog was created when I moved to China in 2013 to work as an English teacher for Chinese kids and study Chinese at the same time. I hope you'll like it!
[Hits: 81 - Added: 10-09-13]


Ami in Munich

Finding my way in a Bavarian wonderland...
[Hits: 80 - Added: 26-01-11]


A Big Life

This blog is about what happened when I tried to make life a little more interesting by moving to Europe after my studies. I had planned on a stint in Germany's...
[Hits: 79 - Added: 24-03-12]


deutsch, bitte!

The day-to-day of a Californian turned Kreuzbergerin.
[Hits: 76 - Added: 07-08-12]


A Pakistani in the Bundesrepublik

Germany and Pakistan are two very different countries in terms of language, culture and even geography. I write about the experiences I have from living in...
[Hits: 71 - Added: 24-03-15]


A More Quiet Place

I write about my life in Berlin and all the silly stuff I go through
[Hits: 69 - Added: 19-08-12]


GerMania - Survival Guide

Nel mio blog parlo delle mie esperienze ma soprattutto fornisco informazioni utili per destreggiarsi nella burocrazia tedesca, per trovare lavoro, per imparare...
[Hits: 66 - Added: 04-08-17]


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