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Emma's Expat Adventures

Musings of an English Mummy in Germany.
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We are a family of four, who moved from the Netherlands to Australia in June 2015. On our blog we write about our new life down under, our trials and...
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Photos, winter, landscape, travel, culture of Northern Scandinavia and much more
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Nur ein Wort

A Westerner's translation of Iranian proposals for human kind, beyond the frantic media headlines
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My Manly Blog - Life on the Northern Beaches

My Manly Blog is a declaration of love to Australia, Manly in specific.

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The European Mama

A trilingual blog about multilingualism, raising children, and life in the Netherlands.
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Category: Expat life Diary


Digital Cosmonaut

Exploring Berlin and Germany, Taking Pictures Travelling around Europe and the World.
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Our Little Place in France

After 18 years in public education in the US, I now find myself living in France with my German-American husband. An introvert who does not speak the language,...
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blah blob log

This is the story of our adventure. In 2009 we moved from Texas to Germany. This blog is way to chronicle our experiences living abroad (and keep me out of...
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Traveling Igloo

US expat living in Germany and traveling everywhere possible, all the while taking lots and lots of photos and sharing my experiences.
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Diva on a Dare

The adventures of a Canadian opera singer abroad.
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This blog is about my life as an American student living in The Netherlands, my travels around the world, and my little white cat. There's the occasional...
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Fairytale Hausfrau

We’re an American family living just outside of Bitburg, in the scenic but often-damp Eifel countryside of far-western Germany. We got the crazy notion to buy...
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This blog shows how to enjoy living in Germany. The blog talks about cultur, traditions and inform about the different events that are going on in Germany, in...
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beautiful and weird details of a life between Germany and England...100% subjective
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