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Galgibaga: A Guide to the Most Peaceful Beach in Goa

Even once you've decided where to stay in Goa and that you'd prefer the more relaxing south over north, there are still quite a lot of beaches to choose from! With the help of our local expert, Jules,... read more

Posted on 14 October 2021 | 12:00 pm

Hippie In Heels

Serba Serbi Permainan Slot Online Terbaik

Apa yang lebih seru selain mendapatkan hadiah menarik namun dengan cara yang sangat mudah? Tentu saja dengan bermain permainan judi online karena dengan bermain permainan ini anda akan mendapatkan ban... read more

Posted on 1 October 2021 | 11:40 am


Best places to visit in Baden-Württemberg

With loads of castles, the Black Forest, half-timbered towns, thermal spas, and swimming lakes, the southwest corner of Germany is a beautiful spot to explore. And I’m not just saying this becau... read more

Posted on 8 September 2021 | 7:04 am

Erin at Large

5 Reasons to Visit Norfolk

Norfolk, a southeast county in the UK, is made up of some pretty special places. From the famous Broads National Park to the charming city of Norwich.  There is so much waiting for you to see and... read more

Posted on 10 March 2021 | 7:08 pm

Rich Club Girl

Kräftskiva – the Crayfish Party

Crayfish have been eaten in Sweden since the 1500s, but in the beginning, like so many things, they were for the rich only. We’ve come a long way since then, and for about 100 years now, regular... read more

Posted on 18 August 2020 | 5:52 am

Say Yes to Stockholm

敬业传家 乐善坚守

敬业传家乐-善坚守敬业-传家乐善据-守敬业传家-乐善据守... read more

Posted on 26 October 2019 | 8:15 am


The Tokyo Travel Pass: Suica vs Pasmo イコカ スイカ

Suica card Tokyo: Suica vs pasmo | イコカ スイカ Are you heading to Tokyo soon and want to know if ... The post The Tokyo Travel Pass: Suica vs Pasmo イ|... read more

Posted on 18 January 2019 | 5:22 am

The Passport Lifestyle

Selecting the best domain name

The best domain names are the names that are able to present the meaning of the website to the visitors or the ones that have a memorable combination of words and/or characters. But, if you want a dom... read more

Posted on 1 December 2018 | 9:10 pm

The Long Absence

I’m sat here thinking about why I haven’t blogged since March and to be honest there really are a million reasons but as I’m trying to put them into words they just sound like excuse... read more

Posted on 26 August 2018 | 12:53 am

Travels of a Beauty Addict

weekend reading

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on UnsplashTruth be told I am typically one or two iPhone behind the curb and have been okay with it since I made the switch from Blackberry. If you are addicted to the upgrade,... read more

Posted on 17 February 2018 | 1:47 am

The Workette

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