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Berlin Back Again

This blog is about my journey. It's about rediscovering Berlin and sometimes feeling alien along the path. I am German, born in Germany and I did grow up in...
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Category: Expat life


Travels of Adam - Hipster travels around the world

Travel stories from around the world. As a 20-something, I try to find "hipster" or interesting/unique things to share about the places I've travelled...
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Maybe Too Blonde - A Life In Europe

A description of our travels and misadventures as we live in Germany and try to fulfill our goal of seeing every country in Europe with our crazy dog and only...
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Living the American Dream in Europe

The blog 'Living the American Dream in Europe' is about expat life, intercultural interactions, American politics, life, a personal love/obsession with...
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A view from the breakwater

Having fun with the Germans. Cycling the flea markets of France & Germany. Walking & beachcombing the coast of Europe & rearranging treasure from...
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somewhere between facebook and flickr sits fiona

I'm Fiona, a mother of 2 occasionally pleasant children, living in Berlin and getting to grips with the language and the culture day by day. I'm also attempting...
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Knorr Family Abroad

I write about life in Germany with 3 kids
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noch einmal mit gefühl :: return to fantasyland

Four years after my first adventure, I'm returning to the land of vigilant recycling, airing bed linens out the window, and pretzels larger than my head. I...
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Expat Mom

I am a 1 and-a-quarter Mom from the US living in Germany. I say "quarter" Mom because I am not only the mom to a 15-month-old son, but also a...
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Kangaroos in Deutschland

Musings about life in Berlin from the perspective of an Australian expat.
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With "Karilogue", I hope to both entertain and inform. Among these pages you will find places you might want to visit and adventures you might want...
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Stickers on our Suitcases

A current accompanying partner in transition. I share the humorous and challenging sides of new cultural experiences and moving, my experiments in finding...
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Nur ein Wort

A Westerner's translation of Iranian proposals for human kind, beyond the frantic media headlines
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An American In Germany

The woeful and humorous tales of an American expat living in Germany with his overactive imagination, German wife, and two dogs. Like liquid prose mixed with...
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Life in German.

you can find Travel, Expat, Lifestyle and everyday life stuff around here.
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Category: Expat life Diary


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