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Expat in Germany

Travel ideas for Germany, Europe and Canada along with stories on expat living and learning a foreign language
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Frau Welle - The Life of a Finnish Mum in Germany

I´m a Finnish mum living in Germany. We moved to Wiesbaden, Hesse in autumn 2010 only about one month before our sweet little daughter was born. In my blog I...
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To Be German

A Canadian moving to Munich, learning the language and loving the beer culture. Looking for a career to build a life, I already have the apartment and the...
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Country Skipper - Miles Under My Belt

I write about my experiences as a German living in Texas as well as my wordwide travels to see family, friends, and new places.
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Singapore Gripped

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Sky as a kite (Tine's Blog)

This is where I blog about my daily misadventures here in Reykjavík, where I'm currently working as a physiotherapist.
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With our blog InterWien, we share our tips and photos about living in Vienna. We create loads of practical info like lexicons with keywords in German, maps of...
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My Life as a Hamburger

The rantings and ramblings of a 20-something living and teaching in Hamburg, Germany for the next year(ish).
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Living In Jordan as Expat

Whether you are a tourist or an expat living in Jordan, you will hear that sentence quite often, either at the airport, a security checkpoint or just while...
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portogallo centrale blog

Two bloggers coming to terms to living in Portugal, sharing info with travellers and would-be expats. Posts range from history and architecture, to traditional...
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Going Kraut

Tanking a look at all things Kraut. From places to visit, cultural quirks, food, drink and everything in between.
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Living in Frankfurt

A blog about living and working in Frankfurt and Germany. Full of tips, tricks and local info to help you get set up in Frankfurt and to survive against the...
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Grounded Traveler

An American in Germany writing about the expat lifestyle. Get beyond the glamour and read about daily life in Western Europe — the demands, challenges and...
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Girl in London: An American Girl in London

A personal perspective on London from a girl from the American suburbs. I cover everything from great things to see and do, to how to settle down in the city...
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Category: Expat life


German in America

Tales and Stories about German - American culture : funny, sarcastic and sometimes political. Tips for Germans in America and about traveling in the US and the...
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