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Is emigreren slim?

Aan alles in het leven kleven voor- en nadelen, dus ook aan emigratie. Natuurlijk is het geweldig een droom na te jagen, maar als je realistisch bent weet je dat het gras niet echt groener is op je ni... read more

Posted on 24 June 2021 | 7:23 am

Leaving Holland

Krakow Chronicles With The Travel Story Society

So I am a writer who likes to tell stories from my travels that enhance the reader’s understanding of a destination. I find stories are a great way to experience travel before you even go to the... read more

Posted on 9 June 2021 | 5:00 pm

Travel With Cooky

A tribute to our sweet Oliver

This last week was one of our hardest since moving to Canada. We had to bid a sad farewell to our sweet kitty, Oliver. We brought Oliver with us from South Africa and he was an integral part of our im... read more

Posted on 5 June 2021 | 3:13 pm

Cape Town to Calgary

Visiting home before The Move

I wanted to take our twins to visit my parents before moving to New Zealand. We have not seen them since last summer and who knows when we are returning from New Zealand and see them again. I applied ... read more

Posted on 4 June 2021 | 10:17 am

Nordic Dowager

For the eyes of expat wives only: A lament

Women are disproportionately affected by the pandemic around the world. Even privileged expat women like me are suffering. (But please don't read this if you think we shouldn't be whining because we h... read more

Posted on 1 June 2021 | 2:19 am

Cross-Cultural Family

Becoming Fluent in French: Listening is learning

In a previous job my manager commented that I was a “bursty worker.” I asked her what she meant so she explained that she’d observed that I would go at a project 110% and then take s... read more

Posted on 30 May 2021 | 10:00 am

A Leap Into the Void

My Monday Evening Hole Punch Adventure

To 13's backpack, and quick about it. Out comes the Science file. With trembling fingers I pull open four rings. Will my punched paper fit?... read more

Posted on 17 May 2021 | 8:28 pm

Jumping Off Books

52 Week Project-Week 18

Patty’s really getting good at drawing. This is a photo of us. Can you figure out who’s who in the photo? She’s also getting better at writing letters, though she says this is &ldquo... read more

Posted on 15 May 2021 | 12:00 am

Notes From Our Corner

Happy Day, Mother Earth!

 Happy Birthday, Mother Earth! Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range o... read more

Posted on 22 April 2021 | 11:01 am

While I breathe, I hope

The Things You Loved as a Kid are Still Pretty Great

Google Alerts is a useful tool. I added a couple of alerts about 10 years ago and occasionally, I’ll get one letting me know where my books are being pirated. Pretty handy. But mostly, I get a..... read more

Posted on 8 April 2021 | 2:01 pm


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