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Magical Moraine Lake

I am very excited to share that we added a big tick to our Canadian bucket list recently with a trip to Moraine Lake. Located close to Lake Louise, about 195km from Calgary, it’s an easy day tri... read more

Posted on 26 September 2021 | 11:10 pm

Cape Town to Calgary

Emigreren uit Noodzaak

Soms zit het in Nederland niet mee en dreig je tussen de wal en het schip te vallen. Of lijken alle deuren dicht te zitten. Als je in Nederland geen vooruitgang meer kunt boeken en problemen zich opst... read more

Posted on 24 September 2021 | 7:47 am

Leaving Holland

A Letter to Katie on her 6th Birthday

My dearest Katie, If there is one thing I remember very clearly about you this past year, it would have to be that I bought you a lot of new clothes because you keep outgrowing a lot of your stuff. On... read more

Posted on 21 September 2021 | 10:00 pm

Notes From Our Corner

How we chose a school for our kids in New Zealand

Our twins are 10-years-old and they loved their school in Denmark. They went to the same school and same class – they have been together since they started in daycare and that has never been any... read more

Posted on 10 September 2021 | 12:21 am

Nordic Dowager

Comment on The Imperfect Reality of Living In An RV – Van Life & Living On The Road by Patrick

Thanks for being honest about the challenges that come with living in an RV. My wife and I have been considering van life for a while now and most of the guides you see make life out to be better than... read more

Posted on 7 September 2021 | 11:13 am

Comments for WanderusLiving

Sometimes Healing Means Turning Your Life Upside-Down

Trauma is an unpredictable and sneaky thing. Most of us have those experiences in our personal backstories that have left us softer in some places, harder in others. Maybe we get a little twitchy... [... read more

Posted on 6 September 2021 | 2:11 pm


Riding the Voie Verte From Foix to Saint Girons (Part 1)

Summer holidays means microadventures! After a few single day rides on the more local-to-me Lavelanet-Mirepoix voie verte, I set my sights on a slightly bigger adventure for our 2021 holiday. The two ... read more

Posted on 1 September 2021 | 8:59 am

A Leap Into the Void

Green, Amber & Red Rules & Test Requirements For UK Travellers

Travel assistance for travel within the traffic light countries for UK residents. Covid test requirements and vaccination status information The post Green, Amber & Red Rules & Test Requiremen... read more

Posted on 10 August 2021 | 7:12 pm

Travel With Cooky

Facebook: I am the victim of abuse and you punished me

On the 25th of July 2021, Facebook has given me a warning that only I can see and I am not happy. Not happy at all. This is an unjust action and after so many of this kind on my pages, posts... read more

Posted on 9 August 2021 | 4:56 am

While I breathe, I hope

For the eyes of expat wives only: A lament

Women are disproportionately affected by the pandemic around the world. Even privileged expat women like me are suffering. (But please don't read this if you think we shouldn't be whining because we h... read more

Posted on 1 June 2021 | 2:19 am

Cross-Cultural Family

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