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Four Simple Goals 2020

2020 has been quite the year, ‘no? I clearly remember writing down my goals and things I want to accomplish a few weeks into the New Year, with the usual optimism and resolve. But then, Covid ha... read more

Posted on 30 September 2020 | 1:45 am

Notes From Our Corner

On TCKs and friendships

Do Third Culture Kids really make friends faster than regular kids? What helped me settle in when we moved?I had a chance to chat with some TCKs about friendships. As always, such conversations and th... read more

Posted on 29 September 2020 | 10:08 am

Cross-Cultural Family

5 jaar digitale nomade, was het leuk of niet?

Vijf jaar geleden verliet ik Nederland voorgoed om mijn leven als digitale nomade te beginnen. Toen ik de deur van mijn huis achter me dichttrok en met mijn rugtas richting Schiphol ging had ik 2 jaar... read more

Posted on 29 September 2020 | 7:04 am

Leaving Holland

15 Hidden Places to Visit In India

Like me, are you still at home and waiting for the right opportunity to travel? Looking to plan your next trip when the world opens […] Read More The post 15 Hidden Places to Visit In India app... read more

Posted on 24 September 2020 | 6:15 pm

Travel With Cooky

Comment on Geo Pro Camper 400w Solar Upgrade – Lithium Batteries on Geo Pro 19fbs by WanderusLiving

In reply to <a href="">Ni-ck</a>. Yes the blower (fan) that literally "blows" ... read more

Posted on 23 September 2020 | 2:48 am

Comments for WanderusLiving

The skeptics

I was perhaps less surprised than Anthropologist Heidi Larson when she found during her research on rumours that France was the most skeptical nation in the world.... read more

Posted on 18 September 2020 | 3:55 pm

Jumping Off Books

Homeware and furniture shopping in Calgary

We recently moved into a new rental, and after eight months of living in a fully furnished place, we finally needed to start shopping around for furniture for our new place. We sold all our furniture ... read more

Posted on 12 September 2020 | 11:01 pm

Cape Town to Calgary

A Vegetable Garden in Aude: August

Today has been a busy day in the vegetable garden. Over the summer things have been growing quite merrily – including the weeds. I had reached the point where I was reluctant to water knowing th... read more

Posted on 23 August 2020 | 9:06 pm

A Leap Into the Void

Read the First Chapter of Tied Within

Chapter 1: Entering We’re talking about nothing again when someone asks if I know what terror feels like. A familiar voice, an echo, reaches through the smoke. Behind the guitar assault grinding... read more

Posted on 9 July 2020 | 1:26 pm


Felicity’s Birth Story

If you need a catch up on our life, settle in for a lengthy post here before delving into baby details. If you’re more excited about the BIGGEST NEWS, an obvious giveaway in the title of this po... read more

Posted on 22 May 2020 | 2:05 pm

A Life Shift

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