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Ik ben 61 en reis al 7 jaar over de wereld

Ik ben gisteren 61 geworden. Allemachtig wat oud. Vroeger vond ik tantes van 61 een soort van oma’s en nu ben ik zelf van die leeftijd. Ik vierde dit jaar mijn verjaardag in La Paz, samen met mi... read more

Posted on 26 January 2022 | 8:29 am

Leaving Holland

Flirting In French: 55 Flirty, dirty & cheesy French pick-up lines so bad they’re good

Whether you’re looking for some funny French pick up lines to flirt with French girls (or guys) or you want to improve your French vocabulary with some cheesy French phrases, I’ve put toge... read more

Posted on 21 January 2022 | 1:26 pm

8 Best Family Holiday Destinations For 2022

Looking for a destination to visit with your family? If yes, then we have got you covered as this bitesize article is all about the best destinations you can enjoy with your family. Nowadays, most des... read more

Posted on 20 January 2022 | 6:00 pm

Travel With Cooky

Happy New Year 2022! (And may it be happy...)

 Happy New Year 2022! And may the year be a better one than either 2020 or 2021!From the bottom of my heart, I wish everyone a happier, better year than the tough duo of 2020 and 2021.When I thin... read more

Posted on 1 January 2022 | 7:39 am

Cross-Cultural Family

52 Week Project-Week 52

I did it! 52 weeks of black and white photos. Today is the last day of 2021. This summer is really heating up, and we’ve had a lot of sunny and warm days. We have gone to several beaches around ... read more

Posted on 31 December 2021 | 1:06 am

Notes From Our Corner

More Books to Add to Your 2022 Reading List

I don’t know about you, but my to-read pile of books is absurdly out of hand. Every year, I manage to knock a hundred or so books from the stack. This makes no dent in that ever-growing... [[ Th... read more

Posted on 17 December 2021 | 1:36 pm


What is it like to move abroad

This was not the first time I moved abroad. In fact, this was my fifth time. However, this was the first time I moved abroad with someone, and more specifically, with children. Nevertheless, my previo... read more

Posted on 14 December 2021 | 11:26 pm

Nordic Dowager

Bloody minded

I run on my own nearly all the time. I like it. And the glow of head torches I could see meant I at least knew I wasn't right at the back (I'd checked!). I guess I must have relaxed too much because n... read more

Posted on 15 October 2021 | 9:22 am

Jumping Off Books

Magical Moraine Lake

I am very excited to share that we added a big tick to our Canadian bucket list recently with a trip to Moraine Lake. Located close to Lake Louise, about 195km from Calgary, it’s an easy day tri... read more

Posted on 26 September 2021 | 11:10 pm

Cape Town to Calgary

Comment on The Imperfect Reality of Living In An RV – Van Life & Living On The Road by Patrick

Thanks for being honest about the challenges that come with living in an RV. My wife and I have been considering van life for a while now and most of the guides you see make life out to be better than... read more

Posted on 7 September 2021 | 11:13 am

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