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Multicoolty is gathering stories and short impressions from people with migration background to break the stereotypes about multicultural Germany.
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Live in Germany - Live like a Local

Live in Germany is a one platform, where we give the BEST GUIDES and KNOW-HOW of German bureaucracy and all the expat services, so you can live your life like...
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Submerged Oaks

A blog focusing on a couple's adventures in scuba diving, traveling and living as American expats in Mannheim, Germany.
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Quassù e Laggiù

testimonianze spesso (auto)ironiche di una expat in bilico tra Provenza, Umbria e Germania.
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Online Hiatus

Slow travel and European travel destinations explored with the help of low-cost airlines, couchsurfing and desire to find out more about other cultures, people...
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Schweinfurt Expats

Schweinfurt Expats is a collaborative effort to improve the lives of expatriates living in the local community. Our goal is to help expatriates integrate...
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Kevin and Xuemei

We are the Don and Donna Quixote of the world -- traveling east of west to live and learn about the world and each other ❤︎ -- fighting...
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My Life In Germany

This blog is all about studying, working and living in Germany. It provides practical information regarding job hunting/ German language/ culture/ study in...
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A South Korean travel journalist married to an Italian living in Germany and traveling Europe. My blog is all about my travels, experiences and various cultures...
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A Healthy Living, Travel & Home blog
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World Traveler In Training

My blog, World Traveler in Training, is in many ways my travel journal. I love writing about and posting photos of places I've visited, but I also include the...
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Hoping to provide you with some cool insider tips about Berlin, Bucharest, Lisbon and other places in Europe. Exploring the world in a fun way!
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Having countries, cultures and people in mind, highlights the different aspects of life abroad. Jump on, dive in and learn more - you won't...
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shere y paul

we are a Spanish-Dutch couple living in the Netherlands. We love travelling, photography, sailing and cooking. We just got a son so also figuring out how to...
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Medellin Advisors

The blog contains posts about the city Medellin in Colombia.
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