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Leave Your Daily Hell

More than 20,000 travelers per month click to Leave Your Daily Hell for practical travel advice, inspirational travel essays and comprehensive destination...
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Follow the Coach!

Expatriate, I am dedicated to assist my fellow global citizens embrace their assignment or their life abroad. I share articles related to the expatriation...
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I Discover America

A personal blog of a girl living her dream in California and sharing funny, strange, even shocking stories about life in USA from a foreigner's pov.
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Random musings in unfamiliar surroundings. Having plunged head-first into the Wonderful World of America, a European reflects on life in the US.
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Rocking the D!

Things to do in Detroit. Visit and Discover the unexpected city of Detroit.
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Me, Myself and Atlanta!

I started this blog after moving from the UK to the US early in 2013. It's my take on life in the states, including what adjustments we had to make, our...
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Travel + Lifestyle Blog
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Western New Yorker

This website provides global insight into saving money and creative ways of taking simple household items and turning them into innovative designs and ideas. I...
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Little Things Make Smiles

I recently started blogging about finding the positives in everyday life to create smiles. I am a great believer that everyone can find something each day to...
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Thoughts on life in Jamaica and the USA
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Category: Photoblog

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