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Rabbiting On

Sometimes I make hit and run documentaries, sometimes I fix Macs, sometimes I write or make films or translate. I have been known to live in a variety of...
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Making Here Home

I write about making wherever 'here' is feel like home. My mission, to paraphrase the wonderful Maya Angelou, is to thrive, and not just survive in these expat...
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My Life in Lederhosen

An Ami, I intentionally expatriated to Germany in 2006; recently divorced, I write about my experiences redefining womanhood and motherhood in this fremd land....
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destination: macaron

An American biomedical PhD sheds her science skin and moves to Zurich, Switzerland to join her Peruvian-born husband. She explores, she bakes, she crafts, she...
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Middle europe

According to good old Wikipedia the term Middle Europe is obsolete or rarely used – Central Europe is the usual term. However when visiting a friend in...
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Tales of one American wife, mother, and adventurer living in Aachen, Germany
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Raising TCKs is an online community for parents raising Third Culture Kids (TCKs). Raising kids isn’t always so easy. Raising kids in a culture other than our...
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Category: Expat life


We Took the Road Less Traveled

Lifestyle blog about a Air Force wife and transplanted Southern girl living abroad in Germany. I write about our travels around Europe, good food & wine,...
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Welcome to 4ever asia .com

Forever asia is a diary describing our move from Berlin-Germany to Malaysia. Right from the first decision when we made our mind up to leave (see Archive, 1st...
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Where To Next?

A personal expat blog that shares our experiences - both good and bad - while trying to live life as expats. I share light-hearted advise with my readers based...
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Sidles Adventures

Couple travelling around Europe, taking advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime.
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Megan Joy Jaunts

I am fiercely independent, highly opinionated, and absolutely ridiculous when it comes to making important decisions. This trifecta of awesomeness got me into...
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Being an American, Becoming a Franconian

Observations on building a life in northern Bavaria. This blog is mostly about food, culture, family, gardens, language, friendship, love and life in a new...
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Germerican Denglish

This is a blog about the adventures that my wife and I go through living in a multinational family and raising a bilingual child, some serious and some funny....
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I'm "expat-since-birth" because ex-patria (“out of the home country”) since birth.
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