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No Apathy Allowed

Native Seattleite, former Brooklynite, now living in Germany. Traveling. Running. Photographing. Living.
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I am a former Fulbright English Teaching Assistant with long-term plans to stay in Germany. I blog about my journeys throughout Germany as well as Europe, as...
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California Globetrotter

A travel expat blog about living and working in Bavaria, Germany and traveling around Europe!
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Holiday home in Tenerife blog

Discover what's new with property and for vacations by the holiday home in Tenerife blog, which is all about the biggest of Canary Islands Spain. The blog...
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World travels of an older woman who likes to explore the world on her own but in style and comfort and wants to share her experiences as well as tips.
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Nuage Nomade

Les aventures d'une nomade voyageuse expatriée en série, amoureuse de photographie et germanophile
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Hues is for those, french or not, who are seeking a personal and different view of life and the beautiful things about it, but from the eyes, touch, taste buds...
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A Travelling Cook

Writing about the adventure of cooking and writing on the other side of the world.
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Monkeys, Mountains and Maultaschen

Exploring Europe and beyond for outdoor adventures, off-beat locations, local cuisine and monkeys!
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Share the Love

Share the Love is a personal blog by a travel enthusiastic Expat Wife. The blog gives insights into the ups and downs of moving and living abroad. I give...
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Chaotic Journey

A blog about our life in the different countries we have lived in - currently this is Switzerland, and the things we have learnt along the way. Soon we will...
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Category: Expat life


What Happened to the Subtitles?

I fled Seattle, landed in Costa Rica with nine suitcases and a dog, married a tico, took off my rose-colored glasses, and settled in for the ride. No unicorns,...
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World Traveling Military Family

Hi I'm Mrs. B! I blog at World Traveling Military Family. I'm a military spouse who follows her Active Duty Air Force husband all over the world, we have...
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The Lotus Creative

A design, travel and lifestyle blog of a British expat and web designer living in Frankfurt, Germany and exploring Europe.
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Making the life of non-German speaking people living in Germany easier. This is my promise.

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