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Where Monica Goes

Where Monica Goes is an online journal of the writer's journey as she tries to explore the world.
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Samantha Angell: Travel & Lifestyle Blog

Hello! I moved to Sweden with my husband in 2013. We moved to Sweden for his professional hockey career. Now, I blog about our travels and daily life.
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Deutsche Touristen in Paris

Mon blog s'adresse aux touristes germanophones qui passent leurs vacances à Paris. Ils y trouvent pleins d'informations concernant des monuments, des balades,...
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What the Blog?

i! We're a family of 4. Two of us (the parents) grew up in Texas, and the other two (the kids) were born in Germany, where we've all lived since 2012. It's been...
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Geek Mädel

This blog chronicles the attempts of a thirty-something geek girls to integrate into German life and to become fluent in German. It also touches on geek...
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After all the moves and struggling with where to call home, I have finally found that now. Not in Hamburg, although we are happy and plan to stay for the...
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Category: Expat life Diary


Little Origin

If you want to know what it is like to live in a city full of opportunities, being a mom of two, how to cope when life gives you lemons, fun stuff, diy...
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ifs ands & Butts

I'm Alex, a Texas girl who ran off to Germany to be an au pair for a year. It is now over a year and I'm still in Germany, can't complain.
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Starting Over In Stuttgart

The everyday trials and tribulations of a Brit living in Germany
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Epicure Square

Born and raised in Detroit, descendant of German bakers, I did what every good Detroiter does and went to work in the auto industry. After a number of years...
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Eifel Mausi

My blog is mostly about the Eifel - places to see, history, culture - sprinkled with stories and lessons learned about my life as an Expat in Germany.
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Category: Expat life


When an ibibio girl decides to blog

Basic ramblings/rantings, my sincere thoughts on anything. Life between Nigeria, Germany and USA...not in that order!!!!
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Eating Wiesbaden

A Germany-based food blog from an English expat. Amongst my rants about overly-complicated menus and love-letters to wine taverns in Hessen and Rhineland-Pfalz,...
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Category: Gourmet


Thrifty Travel Mama

Expat traveling mama with three boys in tow, finding our way around the world in organized chaos and on the cheap.
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The Wildly Ordinary Life

In August of 2013, Brian and Erin quit their jobs, put all of their furniture in storage, packed up some clothes, and headed across the pond to settle in...
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