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Blogs Germany, expat in Germany

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A Bavarian Sojourn

A Scandinavian Sojourn was born when we first moved to Copenhagen with my husband's work. Looking for a way to keep family and friends updated at... read more
United Kingdom  Germany   [Hits: 41 - Added: 09-02-13]
Profile Profile Interviews of people living abroad and expatriates.


A Big Life

This blog is about what happened when I tried to make life a little more interesting by moving to Europe after my studies. I had planned on a stint in... read more
Australia  Germany   [Hits: 49 - Added: 24-03-12]
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A Broad Tale

Picture read more
Usa  Germany   [Hits: 37 - Added: 01-02-13]
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A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife

"Inside the looking glass, the reality may not be hell, but it sure isn't heaven either. Hockey wives are wives and mothers like anyone else. But... read more
Usa  Germany   [Hits: 70 - Added: 13-09-12]
Profile Profile Interviews of people living abroad and expatriates.
Category Category: Expat life Sport Humour


A More Quiet Place

I write about my life in Berlin and all the silly stuff I go through read more
Italy  Germany   [Hits: 36 - Added: 19-08-12]
Profile Profile
Category Category: Expat life Humour Diary


A Travelling Cook

Writing about the adventure of cooking and writing on the other side of the world. read more
Australia  Germany   [Hits: 3 - Added: 25-08-14]
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A view from the breakwater

Having fun with the Germans. Cycling the flea markets of France & Germany. Walking & beachcombing the coast of Europe & rearranging... read more
United Kingdom  Germany   [Hits: 17 - Added: 04-10-12]
Profile Profile Twitter


All Sinks Cherman

Germans can be pretty serious people, but there are myriad funny things about how they live, work, and play. Here is a look at some of these... read more
Usa  Germany   [Hits: 46 - Added: 12-03-13]
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Ami in Munich

Finding my way in a Bavarian wonderland... read more
Usa  Germany   [Hits: 57 - Added: 26-01-11]
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Ami in Munich

I'm an Arizona girl who fell in love with and married a German. We moved together to Madison, Wis., which we called the mid-point between Germany and... read more
Usa  Germany   [Hits: 158 - Added: 17-10-10]
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