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always look on the bali side of life...

join me living life in Bali...the many adventures and beautiful experiences...from the sandy beaches and blue seas to the gastronomical delights found...
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Dear Indonesian Ladies

Addressing the issues of women emancipation and illegal sex industry in Indonesia
[Hits: 46 - Added: 20-12-13]


Devoted to Cakes

An expat cake blog from Jakarta
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A blog about the ups and downs of being an expat.
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Expatria Baby

So, this one time, I had a baby in a small city in a country where I knew no one. I couldn't speak the language, and had no friends. I decided that the next...
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Expats guide to living in Bali

My blog is about living in Bali and what people can expect if they want to live on the island.
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Good Morning Bali

Good Morning Bali is intended to describe the life as an expat in Bali as it really is, far from marketing plots and influencers. I've been living in Bali...
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Healing Pilgrim

Stories & images about healing, travel & life.
[Hits: 13 - Added: 04-03-17]


How to Escape

Everyday adventures in parenting, culture and life on the Island of Gods.
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Jakarta News

The adventures and experiences of a British man living and working in Jakarta who shares what happens to him through time there.
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