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Life from a Bag

Solo Travel and Expat Living Tips
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Life in "big tent"

Personal experience of living in Indonesia, travel stories from Asia and practical information for those who are planning to travel or stay here longer.
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Mummynista- When The Fashionista Becomes Mom

Mummynista is a blog that records my musings and journey as a mom to a toddler and wife to a Canadian-Russian man. We just moved from Singapore to Jakarta. You...
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Stumble Abroad

The adventures and misadventures of a family of 4 currently living in the Big Durian. When we are not traveling we are exploring Jakarta and finding the...
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Tatter Scoops

Colorful scoops of a mix-marriage couple, ex-nomads, with one toddler in tow. A place where the slightly Americanized wife/mom/woman channels her mundane...
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Teaching, Traveling, Writing

An American girl living in Indonesia, I am an expat teaching at an international school, traveling in every spare minute, and writing about the experience of...
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The Story in Your Eyes

Stories from the morning of the world.
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the View From Balikpapan

Musings and commentary about daily expat life in Balikpapan, Indonesia.
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It´s a fashion-travel-snapshots blog about what I like from every town I go. All pictures are mine.
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Wellcome to Jali Blog

Fun all about my life and country
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