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A Broad Tale

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A Home for Expats

A home for information about the Job Seeker Visa, Living in Germany, culture, education, latest news around you, and many more.
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An American in Wiesbaden

An American attempting to settle into German language & culture. With a shoe fetish.
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Eating Wiesbaden

A Germany-based food blog from an English expat. Amongst my rants about overly-complicated menus and love-letters to wine taverns in Hessen and Rhineland-Pfalz,...
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Expat life in Frankfurt

my stories about moving and discovering the Frankfurt
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Frau Welle - The Life of a Finnish Mum in Germany

I´m a Finnish mum living in Germany. We moved to Wiesbaden, Hesse in autumn 2010 only about one month before our sweet little daughter was born. In my blog I...
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Making the life of non-German speaking people living in Germany easier. This is my promise.

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Knorr Family Abroad

I write about life in Germany with 3 kids
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Life in Frankfurt

This is the story of two people from opposite ends of the world who fell in love in Japan, got married in Singapore, moved to the UK thinking that that would be...
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Little Origin

If you want to know what it is like to live in a city full of opportunities, being a mom of two, how to cope when life gives you lemons, fun stuff, diy...
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