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Deutschified - An Englisman's Guide to life in Germany

Deutschified helps people move from the UK to Germany, learn the language and understand the culture.
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Diva on a Dare

The adventures of a Canadian opera singer abroad.
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Futile Diatribes

A navel-gazing look at my life as a writing mom abroad.
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Learning to Love being an Expat

Descriptions of the trials and excitement moving with my family from the USA to Cologne, Germany.
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Ribbons Undone

American expat mom blog (who loves photography and traveling).
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Stickers on our Suitcases

A current accompanying partner in transition. I share the humorous and challenging sides of new cultural experiences and moving, my experiments in finding...
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When an ibibio girl decides to blog

Basic ramblings/rantings, my sincere thoughts on anything. Life between Nigeria, Germany and USA...not in that order!!!!
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