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Breath of French Air

We’re two ordinary middle-class midwestern kids who realized one day that we had become middle-class middle-aged adults on autopilot and off course. Golden...
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Dents de lait

A blend of personal and social commentary on daily life as an American in Toulouse.
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Eat Drink Move (Repeat)

I'm a mom-to-be from the U.S. traveling the world with my husband. We're on a multi-year adventure moving countries every few months for his job. My blog...
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French Fingers

Everyday family life in the centre of Toulouse, France's fourth-largest city. We're a long way from converted barns in the Dordogne.
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Life on La Lune

What is it really like to live in France? My blog looks at life in rural France and tells it how it is - warts and all.
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Pensioners Debout! Stand up!

Covers all the issues that affect British Old Age Pensioners living in Europe but especially in France.
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