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A Leap Into the Void

All about our new life in France: learning the language, figuring out all the practical stuff, building a house, and exploring!
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A Life On Shuffle

Day to day life in Italy, the eccentricities and mundane all set against what tunes shuffle on my iPod.
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A Life Shift

I am a Canadian interior designer living and working in Hong Kong with my husband and one-year-old boy. Take a peek at our travel adventures, gather insights on...
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a malaysian abroad

A Malaysian/Swiss mutt who has moved to Springfield (you know, the one in Illinois?) "so you don't have to" continues to observe, compare and...
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A More Quiet Place

I write about my life in Berlin and all the silly stuff I go through
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A New Life Wandering

Mani is a girl in her twenties with a name from India but born and raised in Mexico City. In 2008 she met her soul-mate (an American) while traveling in India....
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A place to call my own

This my own place, a small site where I will write down my ideas, my likes, my dislikes, all these little things that create my days.
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A Puertorrican's Egypt

This blog will be a portal to express emotions, memories and current events in my Expat life. I guess I will be learning new things along the way so anybody...
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A Rant, A Rave, and A Little Bit of Everyday Life

My experiences living in chile as a newlywed gringa. I include recipes, talk about culture, and sometimes just vent about frustrations that come from living so...
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A Seattleite in Paris

Random thoughts and photos from a Seattleite who moved to France
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Category: Expat life Diary

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