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An American Abroad

This blog is a collection of my stories not only of my travels and expedriences, but of my life as I try to figure out how to live a happy and fulfilling life.
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An American Girl in China

Adventures in Shanghai
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An American in Wiesbaden

An American attempting to settle into German language & culture. With a shoe fetish.
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An American Monster Geek in London

I documents an American Movie Geek who loses his job at a special effects company in America, then accepts a job with a company in London and moves there.
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An American Tale

An American Tale chronicles our journey since moving west! It's all about the ups and downs of expat life. It's simply, as I like to call it "Our great...
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Andis Kaulins in China

The adventures and thoughts of a Canadian married to a Chinese woman in Wuxi, China
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Angie Americana

An American teacher explores expat life and early years education in an international setting.
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Ann Benjamin

Contemporary ex-pat author trying to figure it all out.
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Hallo, ich schreibe über mein neues Leben in Spanien an der Costa Blanca, über das Leben, Ausflüge, die Kultur und alles, was hier Neu ist.
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Asia Vu

By the time my husband and I were married, our military/diplomatic childhoods had resulted in a combined 30-plus moves between Asia, Europe, and the continental...
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