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Blogs Netherlands, expat in Netherlands

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 Amsterdam (23)

103 Weeks

Observations, thoughts, experiences and photographs from an American expat living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. read more
Usa  Netherlands   [Hits: 75 - Added: 04-04-12]
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A Flamingo in Utrecht

A look at my new life in the Netherlands as I settle in to Utrecht and learn more about the Dutch way of life and the history of this almost... read more
Usa  Netherlands   [Hits: 101 - Added: 08-04-10]
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A Hippie in Holland

This blog follows the daily life of a Canadian living in the Netherlands. It's all about the minutiae as well as the high points. read more
Canada  Netherlands   [Hits: 25 - Added: 09-05-13]
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Life in Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a foreigner. The cool stuff, the normal stuff, the boring stuff, the happy stuff, the irritating stuff, the... read more
Denmark  Netherlands   [Hits: 70 - Added: 11-02-11]
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Adventures in Expat Land

Living abroad and sharing the good, less good and the just plain odd. Writer/expat chronicling the crosscultural twists and turns of living overseas.... read more
Usa  Netherlands   [Hits: 268 - Added: 03-04-11]
Profile Profile Interviews of people living abroad and expatriates.


Adventures in Integration

I created this blog to document my personal experience with the compulsory integration courses for people in my position. Now the compulsory part is... read more
Australia  Netherlands   [Hits: 36 - Added: 23-11-12]
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Adventures in the Nether Regions

My adventures living in the Netherlands - places I go, mistakes I make, weird foods I attempt to eat. Words I mis-pronounce read more
Usa  Netherlands   [Hits: 53 - Added: 12-01-11]
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Category Category: Expat life Humour


Adventures with Jaap

Adventures abroad in Maastricht and other places with Jaap the Dutchman. Read about my experiences transitioning from NYC to Maastricht and life in... read more
Usa  Netherlands   [Hits: 21 - Added: 15-11-10]
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Category Category: Expat life



Amsterdam's daily colours read more
Romania  Netherlands   [Hits: 22 - Added: 02-10-12]
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Category Category: Photoblog Expat life



I have started my blog Amsterdamming to both collect and share my experiences in this beautiful city. read more
Romania  Netherlands   [Hits: 49 - Added: 04-07-13]
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