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Eat Rio

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EatRio started as a place for me to record all the cool things I was learning about Rio. One day I would discover some amazing fruit that only grows in the Amazon, the next I'd learn about the sexy voiced lady who does the announcements at the airport. There are loads of boring bars and restaurants here, but there are also some really magical places hidden among them. When I thought about all the people who came here for a week or two on holiday, I felt bad that they were missing out on all these interesting things. Over the years, the blog has expanded to include recommendations for things to do, restaurant reviews, safety advice as well as discussions on issues affecting people living in Rio (expats and locals!)
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UK British UK British expat living in Rio De Janeiro

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 19-08-76
  • Move: United Kingdom  Brazil
  • Interest: Brazil, Travel, Photography and Food
  • About me: Originally from the UK, I spent 10 long years working in London before deciding on a change. I travelled throughout Latin America and finally settled in Rio de Janeiro. I write, a blog that covers many aspects of life in Brazil as well as giving advice and recommendations for visitors and newly arrived expats.
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Latest posts Latest posts

  •  Eat Rio in Mexico City
  •  The way things are right now
      Well it’s Friday, and in days gone past that would have meant a guaranteed post here at Eat Rio. Then along came the World Cup and a deluge of food tours and my whole writing/posting routine got messed up. So now that the World Cup is over, things should be getting back to normal, R...
  •  World Cup 2014 ? How did it go?
      Well, that?s that then. The World Cup 2014 is over. All the worries and concerns about whether the tournament would be a success can be laid to rest because this thing is over. How do you think it went? Sadly, through an overabundance of work, I didn’t get to attend any of the matches ...
  •  World Cup 2014: What to do if you don?t have tickets for a Brazil World Cup game?
      Well, it’s World Cup 2014 game day again and the nerves are jangling here at Eat Rio HQ. Personally I’ve been fairly confident on Brazil’s behalf for all of the preceding games, but Mrs Eat Rio has been a bag of nerves from day 1. But going up against Germany in the semi-fi...
  •  World Cup 2014 ? Penalties on the beach
      Phew! I’ve finally managed to find time to write a new post. I would like to post more often, but things have been ridiculously busy over the last month – I’ve been working 7 days a week with a mixture of food tours and writing assignments. So far my new career as freelance...

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