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8 Moves and Counting

A personal account of one family's journey and adventure while living in Thailand.
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A Glance (from the Thai-Burma border)

A view from the Thai-Burma border and a look into the situation of displaced persons.
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An American Expat in Chiang Mai

Reports from an American that has made his home in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who is semi-retired and involved in local small businesses.
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Backpacking Scuba Diver

Backpacking Scuba Diver is a blog about scuba and scuba travel written from my perspective. It focuses on what I learn and find interesting as I pursue a career...
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Bangkok Girl

I am a British expat, exploring, eating and drinking my way around the Bangkok and other parts of Thailand and SE Asia when the chance arises.
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Bangkok House Husband

After over a decade in the shallow money trench that is the TV industry I was keen to try something new, so I readily agreed to accompany my new wife to...
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Cool places and weird things in Bangkok (and beyond)
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Brooklyn 2 Bangkok

We're Dan and Ashley: Newlyweds who left life in New York City for a 2-year stint in Bangkok, Thailand. Having never been to Asia, let alone Bangkok, we're off...
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Crab in the Air

Documenting my travel adventures with the best tips, reviews, and honest opinions.
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Cross Cultural Family

The living experiment of growing a cross cultural, multilingual family.
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Category: Expat life Diary

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