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Favorites of a curious eclectic // Coups de coeur d'une curieuse éclectique
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A virtual life and style diary of a Dutch girl, French name, living the Mediterranean dream in Malta!
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Cacti expat

The blog is about my transition from living for 11 years in the UK to living in the beautiful, but slightly backward, island.
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How to Get By in Malta

An Irish expat's guide to living and working in Malta. Full of advice and recommendations, about the good and the bad of this curious country.
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Malta: Moving On, Up & Away

A 20 something British couple who started again in Malta. Blogging about the build up, the processes and how we're enjoying life now we're here.
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Mike and Jess in Malta

a blog by two people (+ two dogs) splitting our time between a small canadian city and an even smaller island in the mediterranean. travels, italian food and...
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The Maltese Talkin'

An Englishman confused in Malta
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