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All about Croatia

Expat family tells about living in Croatia, and write travel stories about all the places we visit down here, we try to be as objective as possible when the...
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Blog About Croatia - Frank's View

Frank shares his experiences of Croatia: places to visit in Croatia, things to do, places to stay, dine and wine, restaurants in Croatia.
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Chasing the Donkey

I am a Mum & wife, now expatriate. I packed up my very typical Australian life and shifted it along with my Husband and Son to rebuild the old house we...
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Istria Outside My Window

This is the window through which I share my observations of life in a small village in central Istria and my experiences renovating an old house, while I...
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A blog about falling in love with cities, streets, night life and a man that keeps you alive. I began to write this blog in the United States & now I am in...
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Mapping Croatia

Mapping Croatia aims to map croatian cultural and natural heritage top to bottom and inspire people to go beyond main tourist attractions. Besides writing about...
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Not a Scottish Lass

On my blog I write about travel, the expat life and dating abroad. I explore life as an expat in my 20s and how I navigate it whilst living so far from my...
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Our Adventure in Croatia

Adventure in Croatia, all the fun of buying and renovating a holiday home abroad........
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Travel blog with the focus on Croatia travel, Thailand travel and many more.
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