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Antoni & America Latina

Stories of One European Guy Far Away From Home
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Entrepreneur's Odyssey

A travel and lifestyle blog by two expats following their dream to live location independent, breaking free from the shackles of society... don't dream to live,...
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Flavors of Bogota

Flavors of Bogota is the chronicle of my discoveries here in Bogota and Latin America in general. As a food and travel writer, I’m always meeting chefs,...
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Honestly Cali

I made my blog as an account of how to set up a life here to help other expats (there is a distinct lack of Cali blogs online) and as a record of my...
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How to Bogota

The blog includes tips and advice about all manner of things relating to life in Bogota, and also commentaries about my perceptions, experiences of and...
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Latitude Adjustment

We are John and Susan Pazera, ex-pats and wanderers currently living in beautiful El Retiro, Colombia. Through this blog, we share info about our latest travels...
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Martin's Travel Photo Blog

My travel's in Colombia staying and traveling with Colombian family's.

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Medellin Advisors

The blog contains posts about the city Medellin in Colombia.
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Medellin Guru

Medellin Guru is an insider guide with experienced expat tips on things to do, places to go, where to stay for visitors and expats living in Medellín,...
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Medellin Living

Medellin Living chronicles an American's attempt to find work as an English teacher and further develop his online income and travel writing experience while...
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