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My Life in Lederhosen

An Ami, I intentionally expatriated to Germany in 2006; recently divorced, I write about my experiences redefining womanhood and motherhood in this fremd land....
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Tales of one American wife, mother, and adventurer living in Aachen, Germany
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My Yummy Mummy

A blog by an Expat Mom in Singapore. Here you will be able to view weekly video updates on topics such as health, fashion, make-up, hair, children’s...
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From the land of tulips about living abroad. You can read about raising a family while living in another country. About expat life, cultural differences,...
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Category: Expat life


Patricia B in France

An American expat living in France. I blog about awkward language mishaps, finding my way around a French beauty counter, and day to day life as a madame!
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Little Steps

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in a small remote(isn) village in England? - A bit like that fictitious seaside village where Doc Martin presides...
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Category: Expat life



I'm a Scottish mum of three, two boys and a girl; who by turns amaze, amuse and drive me nuts! We are currently living on the East Coast of the US, enjoying a...
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Category: Expat life


GranadaSpain Blog

A blog by an Expat living in La Alpujarra about life in Granada, Spain: From the Sierra Nevada to the Costa Tropical and everything in between.
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Bibsey ~ Blogging about life after birth

Bibsey blog is a mostly lighthearted amble through daily life here in Spain with our two year old daughter - the eponymous Bibsey.
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Mummynista- When The Fashionista Becomes Mom

Mummynista is a blog that records my musings and journey as a mom to a toddler and wife to a Canadian-Russian man. We just moved from Singapore to Jakarta. You...
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Avery Adventures

I've been told micro blogging is now the new, hip thing and that my long winded (macro?) blogging is sooo 2007, but I don't care. This blog started when my...
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Moxie D'Amore

An American expat's experience of living abroad in Bologna, Italy and all the adventures and excitement it brings with it.
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A lovely adventure true the eyes of a mommy and daughter in two different countries.
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Baby The Great

A New Amsterdammer (read: I'm from NYC) living in (old) Amsterdam w my husband, our son and cat. I talk about motherhood and expat life and tons of other things...
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The Nomad Mom Diary

It is amazing how quickly I can write things when I don’t have to censor myself.
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Category: Humour Expat life


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