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Tilting Toward Windmills

Our American family of 4 emigrated to the Netherlands in 2014. This blog describes our experiences with Dutch culture, the immigration process, higher...
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Mint Mocha Musings

My blog is called Mint Mocha Musings.
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The London Diaries

Originally, The London Diaries started out as a way for me to keep family and close friends back home in Kentucky up to date with what I was up to and what...
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La Famille Brown

Tales of an English family living in France
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Three on the Vine

Dropping our combined income of over $120,000 per year, our little family of three left America to see what adventures we can find in Costa Rica. We have...
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Germerican Denglish

This is a blog about the adventures that my wife and I go through living in a multinational family and raising a bilingual child, some serious and some funny....
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Walck This Way

An expat mom's adventures in Dubai.
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Full of Beans and Sausages

Just a wee blog about love, life, travel, crafting and Hamilton, Ontario
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Khmer Kronicle

Chronicling cross cultural family life with chronic illness.
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Category: Expat life


Creative Fires Studio

What are the qualities of an Expat? Flexibility, openness, resilience, resourcefulness, humor and a strong sense of self and adventure?! Oh, and being OK with...
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Eating Like a Brazilian

Brazilian Recipes, cooking techniques, and cooking terms presented in an easy to follow guide, in English, using pictures, videos, and other helpful sources to...
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Emefa's Asia

The 'go-to' resource site for Black people living, working, and visiting Asia
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California family abandons suburbia to volunteer, work and learn Spanish in Peru
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A Scandinavian Interlude

Adventures, tribulations and ramblings of a native Californian from the San Francisco Bay Area who moved with his family to the Helsinki area of Finland.
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Notes From Our Corner

A family blog about discovering and making a home in our corner of the world, New Zealand.
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Category: Expat life Diary


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