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Transitions commence new adventures. Make 'em last...
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How to feel like Catalan

The aim of the blog is to show the people this beautiful country, culture (books, people, food) and expat life.
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Our EPIK Travels

Our EPIK Travels is a man and wife blog of their travels with EPIK. We offer helpful tips for other expats, as well as travel advice for the places we have...
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Voila Travels

Voila Travels is a hub of travel tips and advice, itineraries and travel events. Get your mind blown away and get on board for your next trip.
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Ramble and Wander

A personal travel blog set up in mid-2011, aspires to detail out & share personal travel experience, places, itineraries, travel...
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Go Foreign

Chinese cuisine, culture and travels. Everyday expat life that can surprise you, make you laugh, or leave you flabbergasted. A lot of funny stories and...
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SD's Corner

Collection of stories from Saudi Arabia to Sudan and Malaysia.
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A South Korean travel journalist married to an Italian living in Germany and traveling Europe. My blog is all about my travels, experiences and various cultures...
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The Wanderer

The musings of a 20 something girl figuring her life out in the glorious side of England. A lover for all things travel, music and avocados.
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Travel Sketches

Travel Sketches is a conversation I will have with you about my life and travels. I will include facts, history, my daily encounters, and anything that strikes...
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Travel + Lifestyle Blog
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Passport Packed

Ex New Zealand PR girl, now travelling the world and blogging from a young kiwi perspective.

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Little Things Make Smiles

I recently started blogging about finding the positives in everyday life to create smiles. I am a great believer that everyone can find something each day to...
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Perky Thoughts

Musings of a third-world kid from a first-world country.
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The View From The Great Wall!

My experiences travelling and living in China
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