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Dubliner in Deutschland

Dubliner in Deutschland is about my experiences being an expat in Germany. I'm from Dublin originally and have been living in Baden Württemberg with my German...
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Leap On To The Lilypad

The adventures of the Leap family!
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Costa Rica: De La Pura Vida

A blog about living in and traveling around Costa Rica, written from the unique perspective of a US expat and a Tico. Amazing adventures, insider info, and...
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Travels with my Art

Travels with my Art is a mix of artwork and musings from the point of view of an artist, photographer and teacher travelling around the world with her husband...
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Mi Chiamo Giovanna

This started out when I decided to make the move to Italy in 2007. Over the past couple of years I found myself pretty settled in and now post mainly on what...
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Lost In The Leaf City

Lost In The Leaf City is a collection of tips and guides for newcomers in Canada.
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Questa Dolce Vita

Jasmine is a (former) pharmacist turned freelance writer, foodie, and fashionista from Alberta, Canada living "the sweet life" in Bergamo, Italy. She...
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I'm Laura! A Marine Corps Wife enjoying the island life on the other side of the world! Over my little space of the internet i blog about our newlywed life as...
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Life Abroad in the Blue and Yellow

My name is Kathleen, I am married to Johnny and we have 3 awesome kids; Jack (8), Olivia (6), and Emmaleigh (3). Follow along with us as we dive into the life...
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Parallel Universe: Dazed in Dubai

Parallel Universe is a chronicle of being an Indian-American writer from Texas now living in the U.A.E.
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Life:A Scot in Norway

Photoblog about Norway and my travels around Europe.
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Shreds of a bizarre world

The world is place full of oddities.
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My Expat Life in Dubai

I started off as a shy blogger and months later, to a slightly more adventurous writer. Posts that lean towards 'Eat & Review' experiences and bits of home...
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Eat Drink Move (Repeat)

I'm a mom-to-be from the U.S. traveling the world with my husband. We're on a multi-year adventure moving countries every few months for his job. My blog...
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Terug naar Afrika

Karibu! I'm Miranda and together with my partner I lost our heart to the African continent.
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