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Mike and Jess in Malta

a blog by two people (+ two dogs) splitting our time between a small canadian city and an even smaller island in the mediterranean. travels, italian food and...
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World travels of an older woman who likes to explore the world on her own but in style and comfort and wants to share her experiences as well as tips.
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Local Abroad

Reflections of a Canadian eco-geek living in the Netherlands.
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The Strayling

From UK to Canada to Ireland - a Finnish serial migrant hopping from one adventure to another. The blog follows my spontaneous travels across the globe as the...
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The Swiss Freis

The Swiss Freis is a fun, light-hearted travel and lifestyle blog created by myself, Toni-Ann. Currently living in St. Gallen Switzerland, I created this blog...
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Don't let the Ruby slippers or Dorothy inspired name fool you, this is the humble little Blog of a "trailing spouse", experiencing life in Singapore...
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Dragons and Rockets

I blog about living in Austria and traveling around Europe. I post about Easter candies, Austrian beer, hiking, and much much more!
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Takin' A Magic Carpet Ride

A blog about life in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia and our travels around the world.
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Smart Travels

A British expat living on Reunion Island (a French overseas department in the SW Indian Ocean) for many years; I also lived in South Korea 2008-2011 and...
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kiwigirl in Suwon, South korea

A blog about living in South Korea, some tips and information and a little bit of other random stuff.
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Thai Canuck

Photos, thoughts and journeys by a Canadian expat who has retired in Chiangmai, Thailand.
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My notes from living in China and traveling in the area.
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Duffelbagspouse Travels

The #1 Resource for Military Spouses Who Love to Travel the Globe
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Glance on Russia

Currently expatriate in Moscow for a French company (LIPPI), I want to share my thoughts and help people to get to know Moscow through this blog. I will expose...
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Megan Joy Jaunts

I am fiercely independent, highly opinionated, and absolutely ridiculous when it comes to making important decisions. This trifecta of awesomeness got me into...
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