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Fighting the Flat Life

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Alaskan girl, moved to the Midwest, moved to Hong Kong. Life as an expat, a teacher, a twenty-something girl dropped into the outskirts of Asia.
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US American US American expat living in Hong Kong

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: United Kingdom  Hong Kong
  • Interest: --
  • About me: I went to college in the Midwest of the United States, got bored, and now work as a student teacher at an international school in Hong Kong!

Latest posts Latest posts

  •  #Eighthgradelyfe
    Returning to the Midwest to begin my vocation in schools has been a new adventure in itself. A very different adventure than going to Spain, and even a different kind of teaching than in Hong Kong.(Side note: this blog isn't an education blog, it's a thoughts-from-my-head blog. So, my experiences in...
  •  October is for Waiting
    I pour myself outbecoming a water to drench this landand the fields beyond.My words dig--tilling the soil, the moments,uprooting what threatens the growth,bestowing the changeto the fields beyond.Autumn will tinge the worldI once viewed as green and new.But as the green growsin a familiarity tai...
  •   So, This is Nebraska
  •  So Long, Hong Kong: A Video
    So Long, Hong Kong! Click to watch what I've been seeing,where I've been living,and what all I'm leaving...(in one week) ...
  •  When A Friend Visits You!
    Every time I leave my flat to venture into Hong Kong, I always feel like I'm traveling all over the world. This time, I was able to share this experience with a friend!Today has been spent on buses and ferries, in markets and bars, and even in a school gymnasium for a portion of the morning.After pr...

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