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Everyone knows that medical students live in their books. And every medical student's wife knows that she must find ways to keep her sanity during this time. My blog is my way of keeping my sanity. But hopefully it is also interesting as I document my experiences and observations with/of the Poles and my adventures transitioning from art student to professional artist in a foreign country.


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US American US American expat living in Poland

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  • About me: Hello! I am an American artist from Utah. (Since my husband comes up a lot in my blog he probably deserves an introduction too. He is from Brazil, although he has lived in Utah for the past five years.) We are now living in Poland for my husband's first two years of medical school. Besides my husband's move to the United States, this is our first time living as expats. As an artist, I obviously paint a lot, but when I'm not painting I love to explore my city and learn about Poland's history.
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