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Dear friends, I have made my decision and the decision was to start something new this year and stick by the resolution of being consequent in my decision... Hence I gave it a lot of thought and watching (actually reading and looking at the quite awesome pictures and tales of a "fellow blogger" - if I may say like that) a really good blog: Feathers and Freckles I decided I would give another shot to blogging... even trying a new platform - getting in touch with my Google account even more :) My old Blog was quite forgotten since 2011 and truly I am ashamed of that but now I believe that I have an idea on what I need to say out loud and what people should hear from me :) So... goodbye MY OLD DEAR FRIEND!!! All the best from yours truly, The Twisted Red LadyBug :)

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Romania  expat living in Poland

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 26-10-86
  • Move: Romania  Poland
  • Interest: movies, photography, travelling, art
  • About me: Hey there! I am a Romanian 20something year old girl, in love with art and who likes to share love and be loved in return :) I am currently living in Krakow with my awesome fiancee and enjoying an expat life :) Come visit me and my blog here:
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