Life in Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a foreigner. The cool stuff, the normal stuff, the boring stuff, the happy stuff, the irritating stuff, the dutch stuff, the funny stuff, the sad stuff, the lovely stuff, the right stuff, the simpel stuff, the cultural stuff, the heavy stuff, the wrong stuff, the sporting stuff, the light stuff, the bureaucratic stuff, the sexy stuff, the tedious stuff, the amazing stuff, the gloomy stuff, the glorious stuff, the hot stuff.....


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Denmark  expat living in Amsterdam

  • Gender: Male
  • Move: Denmark  Netherlands
  • Interest: Culture, politics, sports and life in general
  • About me: I was born in Copenhagen and is a trained journalist and librarian. After working several years in Denmark and England as an editor in the publishing industry I started my own company JAWS MEDIA in 2006. Since February 2009 I’ve lived in the Dutch capital with my South African, our cat Billy Bob and three gold fish! From Amsterdam I cover small and large events from the Netherlands and the rest of the universe in text, audio and pictures. I deliver in all journalistic genres - both in Danish and English! I also frequently post articles on my blog (www.adamblog.nl) about life in Amsterdam and the Netherlands seen through the eyes of an expat.


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