AmsterDive is a project with a very personal accent as it explores my own relashionship with Amsterdam – and The Netherlands, and everything in them i feel attached to.

My goal with Amsterdive is not to extensively cover the city but rather selecting and highlighting the places i find unique, and ultimately make me happy. While doing this i want to tell stories about the possibilities of life over here, from my personal perspective. Since i am very interested in arts & culture, tradition & crafts, vintage & second-hand places, biological & vegetarian places, you are going to find much of it here.

If, through my own experience, i can trigger someone to discover less mainstream places, off-the beaten tracks and hidden gems in the city, all the better.

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Portugal  expat living in Amsterdam

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Portugal  Netherlands
  • Interest: Arts, culture, sustainability, out of the beaten tracks, alternative r
  • About me: I am a portuguese actress who writes (or maybe a writer who acts). Five years ago i moved from Lisbon to Amsterdam, and i found my home. My blog started from this fascination with the city. I blog about places and experiences i find unique, feel 'authentic', and ultimately make me happy. Always following my 'breadcrums of joy'.
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