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Hello, and welcome to my website and blog, My Hindi Heart. MHH is my outlet, my treasure map, my journal, my gallery, and in the future, a guide to help others who might be going on a similar journey. My story begins in the year 2013. The main character is a student working two jobs, losing hope and sanity, until one day… The opportunity presented itself. India. This is a story of travel, hope, dreams, love, happiness, and struggle. This is my life, and as real as it gets. Follow me on my journey to India.

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US American US American expat living in India

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 09-06-91
  • Move: Usa  India
  • Interest: Travel, Language, Culture
  • About me: I'm Crystal. I'm from the US. I'm leaving for my first adventure overseas. I'm going to India, and documenting every step of the way on my blog. I'll be living in India for four months. I enjoy language, culture, music, travel, food and dancing. :)

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