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Welcome to The White Punjabi Bride, The Diaries Of An Almost Punjabi Wife, Bringing You A Touch Of The Indian Life! On the blog I share with you my life as a foreign wife married to an indian, raising our bicultural son between Australia and India. Such topics covered on the blog are, Beauty & Fashion, Culture & Traditions, DIY & Crafts, Food & Dining, Love & Relationships, Punjabi Weddings, Travel Tips and of course my experiences of life as an expat which you can find under This Is India. As the saying goes in India when you can't change a thing, This Is India. I also run a series Ask Bhabi Jii for those needing advice or have a question. It will be published anonymously with my answer and opened up for readers comments. You can also read others questions on the blog. Then for those in an interracial relationship with a Punjabi and about to or already married, My Big Fat Punjabi Sikh Wedding Story. Where foreign brides share their experience marrying into the culture. Be sure to share your story too!

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Australia  expat living in India

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Australia  India
  • Interest: Travel, Sightseeing, Shopping, Crafts
  • About me: In my twenties I had my life planned, that is until it all came crumbling down around me. I was fast approaching my thirties. I had a great career ahead of me in finance working in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. Yet something was missing, I wanted more from life - I just didn't know what that was. Then the day came that life decided to make the decision for me. I was hospitalised from a psychotic episode. It took me a long time to recover and had to leave my career. I then decided to make the move to Brisbane where I grew up as a child. This is where I met my partner. Everything started to fall into place. I decided to take a leap of faith and accompany my partner to India. I packed up my house, applied for a tourist visa and took the next flight to Delhi. We decided to get married and have a Big Fat Punjabi Wedding, eventually started a family and are now trying to live a balanced lifestyle between both cultures as we raise our bicultural son.
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