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Noprobleminindia.com is a blog for people interested in India's non-commercial issues, expat life, day-to-day intercultural family life, people who are against daily rush, consumerism and a rat race. The purpose of the blog is to show simple, honest, genuine face of India. No beating about the bush. No India only from guide books with beautiful, fabulously colored pictures, but also with its gray, dusty places, smell of burnt garbage and animal dung on the side. I do not wear sari, I cycle to work and I eat a lot of rice. The perspective of an emigrant, completely different from the tourist whirl of adventures, will bring spice to your life in details.


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Poland  expat living in Pune

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Poland  India
  • Interest: Slow life, slow traveling, cooking, ecology
  • About me: I am a native of Poland. I spent my childhood in Lodz, graduated and started a professional career over there. By passion, I am a slow traveler, ecologist, volleyball player, and from a not-so-old hobby - also a volleyball referee. I live in India with my bi-cultural family trying to find balance between 2 different cultures.
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