Postcards from Ellada

Musings from an expat in Greece who occasionally hides in cupboards.

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Australia  expat living in Athens

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Australia  Greece
  • Interest: Writing and exploring life after death!
  • About me: A former Australian expat in Greece, Lana Penrose is a bestselling author twice published by Penguin/Viking. She has worked as a record company promotions manager, music journalist and television producer, and worked briefly with Simon Cowell amongst others of the pop elite. Memoir 'To Hellas & Back' - which details her expat experiences - has been described as 'Eat, Pray, Love' face-plowing into a plate of steaming moussaka and has been optioned for film adaptation. 'Kickstart My Heart' chronicles separation and divorce en route to new love and is something like Bridget Jones staggering through life with an axe through her head. Visit for more details.

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