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Paros Paradise

An American-Irish expatriate couple share their Greek island experience by offering content, links and photos about Paros, the Cyclades, Greece and the world of...
[Hits: 181 - Added: 13-02-09]


Ramblings From Rhodes

Basically it's about living in the south of the island all year round, plus about giving the reader plenty of info about Rhodes to help them either to decide to...
[Hits: 92 - Added: 22-10-15]


Greek Salad - a blog from Greece

A blog about almost anything that has to do with Greece and a little bit more...
[Hits: 64 - Added: 25-10-12]


Lana in Sweden

Travel, crafting, restaurants, everyday blog is about experiencing life in Sweden as a mom, as an artist, as a person who is new to the Swedish...
[Hits: 62 - Added: 08-11-12]


Czech Mates

A personalized travel guide based on our life in Prague and elsewhere.
[Hits: 58 - Added: 07-04-11]


Kritsa, at the heart of it all

Lighthearted reports of my interest and experiences in Crete with insight to local customs.

[Hits: 43 - Added: 03-01-16]


Postcards from Ellada

Musings from an expat in Greece who occasionally hides in cupboards.
[Hits: 38 - Added: 15-01-13]

Category: Expat life


Visa Pour / Chroniques d'un expat voyageurs

Visa Pour is a travel and expatriation blog where I share all my usefull tips for you to get ready for the big life abroad. I have been relocating myself not...
[Hits: 36 - Added: 24-07-14]


Girl meets world

A Year Abroad in Ukraine, Russia and France, with guest appearances from South Korea, Spain, Belarus and Greece...
[Hits: 31 - Added: 28-04-13]


Crete Nature

A lighter look at the wildlife of Crete
[Hits: 22 - Added: 27-01-16]


The Balkan Blog

Contempory political and social issues
[Hits: 22 - Added: 25-02-16]


The Expat Almanac

The Expat Almanac is the saga of two people well into their second fifty years of life, who have abandoned everything familiar and comfortable, who have packed...
[Hits: 17 - Added: 09-10-12]


A Greek Expat on the loose!

An inclusive blog for expat's , and not only, from all walks of life and for people who love the positive way of life and thinking.
[Hits: 13 - Added: 01-09-20]


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