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I blog about all things French, culture, history, traditions, food particularly to do with the area I live in, the south. I write about anecdotes from my life running a gîte, holidays, local events and the odd story from my travelling life thrown in for good measure.

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UK British UK British expat living in France

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: United Kingdom  France
  • Interest: Travel, France, Food, other cultures
  • About me: I'm an adult TCK so picking one nationality and country of origin was hard as I'm equally British and Australian, born in a third country, lived in 9 countries in Asia, Australia, Eastern, northern & southern Europe. I now live in the south of France where I run a gîte welcoming guests from all over the world as I try to instill a curiosity for life and love of all other cultures in my tri-cultural family. Travel is my passion, living "abroad" has been my whole life, "home" is where I am now, there isn't a "home" country to go "back" to. My parents were expats, it's all I know! I couldn't imagine another life and love the fact that I have no "home town"!


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