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Exploring Berry

A traveling blog about my weekend escapes, holidays, world food and expat experiences in Brazil intended to give readers not having the chance to travel the...
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Exploring Uruguay Blog

Our blog is about our day-to-day life and experiences. We also have a recipe of the week. While you're visiting our blog, don't forget to click on the link to...
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Find Me A Break

Reviews | Dubai, UAE
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Fish Out of Water Madrid

Es un blog sobre cosas por hacer en Madrid. También cuentos sobre mi vida como expatriada.
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Flavors of Bogota

Flavors of Bogota is the chronicle of my discoveries here in Bogota and Latin America in general. As a food and travel writer, I’m always meeting chefs,...
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Flip Flop France

Sasha, 23 years old, moved 12 hours by flight to Lyon. She will detail her life in France, the joys, the tears all while making to goal to see if she can find...
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Hi, I'm Chris from Austrlia. My blog contains heaps of tips about how to live and survive in Japan, surrounding topics about culture, people, comics,...
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Food Etcaetera

From little Switzerland to Big Apple, yummy yet sarcastic columns of a big change of a drastic change.
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Food story

Moscow food. Love for food. Home made food.
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Foodin'KL - where to eat & drink in KL

I fell in love with the 'makan' (eat!) global obsession, so here is a guide on the best restaurants and bars in Kuala Lumpur
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