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Coconut Water is home to the thoughts and stories from an American expat living in Vitoria, Brazil with her multicultural family. After more than 9 years in Brazil, I'm currently writing my first novel, but still have the energy to fight the good fight against Brazilian bureaucracy, the Portuguese subjunctive tense, and putting ketchup on my pizza.

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US American US American expat living in Brazil

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Usa  Brazil
  • Interest: Writing, Travel, Stand Up Paddle, Running, Theater,
  • About me: From Atlanta to Washington DC to Rio de Janeiro and finally settling in Vitoria, Brazil. I considered a lot of life possibilities but living in Brazil was never one of them. Then I met the smartest man I’ve ever known, who happened to be from Brazil. We live in Vitoria. I teach. I write. I speak terrible Portuguese and pretend not to speak any when in front of my in-laws. I’m currently trying to build a career as a writer and raising a 4 year-old daughter. Not sure which, if either, I’m succeeding at. I blog about my life as an expat at Brynn in Brazil. It's mostly funny, a little sappy, occasionally insightful, and all true. At least in that moment.
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