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A Mommy Abroad

As a stay at home mom and a trailing spouse, life in a new country (where I don't speak the language) is a constant adventure. We're having quite a time...
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American in Vienna

Findings and discoveries of Vienna, Austria from an American.
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American Schnitzel

American Schnitzel is a blog about an American girl living and studying in beautiful Vienna.
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Austrian Adaptation

An Aussie traveller turned expat after meeting a Tirolian in an apres ski bar. Now navigating the cultural change from Australia to Austria, with plenty of...
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DANA & WILD - the Bonnie & Clyde of music

DANA & WILD haben es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Welt zu bereisen und dabei einer ihrer großen Leidenschaft nachzugehen: der Musik.
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Dragons and Rockets

I blog about living in Austria and traveling around Europe. I post about Easter candies, Austrian beer, hiking, and much much more!
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Feels Like Home

Information and advice for expats, including posts about hidden gems all over the city, and how to make the most out of living in Vienna!
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Formosan Serendipity

Our adventures living abroad
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With our blog InterWien, we share our tips and photos about living in Vienna. We create loads of practical info like lexicons with keywords in German, maps of...
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Little Ms. Bossy

I'm exploring my new home in Austria, making discoveries and taking lots of photos along the way. I'm doing my best to create an extraordinary life.
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