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Irish In Argentina

Advice for expats in Argentina with a particular slant towards Irish people, but could be used as a resource by all expats.
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Logging Off

A look into a life of decreased responsibility and increased spontaneity
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Bueno, entonces... Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish with David & Jimena!
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Paddy in Buenos Aires

General spiel of everyday life and experiences and comparisons / memories from back home, of an Irish expat moving to Buenos Aires to travel the length and...
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Tango and expat life in Buenos Aires from the point of view of a Californian who lives and teaches there.
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Seashells and Sunflowers | Necochea, Argentina

Welcome to my expat journey from the suburbs of Philadelphia to the seaside city of Necochea, Argentina. Join me as I discover the joys, difficulties and...
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Rosario Connection

When I moved to Rosario in Argentina 4 years ago, I realized that there was nothing in English about the city and I decided to start this blog. I blog about...
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English Gaucho

My blog talks about how life is living in Argentina, running an estancia and being a novice farmer . It also talks about what you can expect here in...
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mama in macondo

a canadian mama of two little guys has packed up and moved to a small, jungly beach town in argentina. she writes about life, mothering, immigration, raising...
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¿Por Que Argentina?

A family of five move from Australia to Argentina trying to blend in like locals. The kids are learning Spanish, he's teaching English and she's doing a...
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