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I love Tel Aviv

Snippets of the many reasons I think that Tel Aviv is such a great place to live in. Sometimes Tel Aviv is easy to love (beach, great weather all year long,...
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Category: Photoblog Diary


emma's house in portugal

A blog about buying a ruin, building a house and eating a lot of pastries
[Hits: 214 - Added: 01-01-10]


An American in Norway, a Citizen of the World

... sharing my life as an expat and a traveler through words and photos
[Hits: 152 - Added: 10-08-13]


A Flamingo in Italy

Exploring the art, culture, food and more of Italy in general, and Bologna in particular. This is a look at my new life in Italy as I get to surround myself...
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AWOL Americans

Restless and unfulfilled with cubicle life we decided to leave it all behind and hit the road as AWOL Americans. We're creating our own lifestyle as we go by...
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Category: Expat life



Für viele mitausreisende Partnerinnen vor Ort gibt es zu wenige Möglichkeiten der beruflichen und persönlichen Weiterentwicklung. Hierzulande erfolgreiche...
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The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower

Just another American artist moving to Paris, you know? I'm an actress starting a new life abroad!
[Hits: 60 - Added: 08-06-11]



About a Sydneysider residing in Stockholm whom loves a cup of tea with her mornings, sunshine with her days and trumpets with her nights.
[Hits: 47 - Added: 21-03-12]


McClan Doha

Interesting snippets out of our lives, from our travels around the country and world, to our day to day lives.
[Hits: 45 - Added: 09-09-12]


Memory CDR and Katanga provincie

Welcome my blog, memory links ex -expats Katanga CDR and expats, links ONG, and much other about this provencie
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A Canadian girl living in the Netherlands with my Dutch hubby. Struggling and adjusting to Dutch life one day at a time. Blogging about life as an expat in the...
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Category: Expat life Diary


A Life Away

Tips for Americans hoping to move to the UK. Tales of expat life and finding home abroad for students, families and pets. Travel tips and destination guides...
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This blog is about my life as an American student living in The Netherlands, my travels around the world, and my little white cat. There's the occasional...
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Crónicas de Muppettlandia

Historias, guías y escritos, resultado de análisis hechos durante un post-doctorado para estudios e investigación de la especie muppet para la sobrevivencia...
[Hits: 20 - Added: 07-10-16]


Starting Over In Stuttgart

The everyday trials and tribulations of a Brit living in Germany
[Hits: 18 - Added: 11-12-14]


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