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Expatriate, I am dedicated to assist my fellow global citizens embrace their assignment or their life abroad. I share articles related to the expatriation...
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The Toilet Bar

American cartoonist reports on life in Wang Tong, the tiny village in the middle of somewhere.
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Leaving the Nest: An Expatriate's Survival Guide

Leaving the Nest is a funny, irreverent, but oftentimes helpful blog that is filled with features that include my own original stories as well as helpful advice...
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Favorites of a curious eclectic // Coups de coeur d'une curieuse éclectique
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Bumps, Babies and Beyond

Bumps, Babies and Beyond is a parenting and family blog about expat life in Dubai, UAE.
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El Inmigrante

This blog is a place to share experiences and opinions, to talk about culture shock or differences and to find a way to cope with this adventure.
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Ibn Ibn Battuta

A traveler's log in the spirit of history's greatest itinerant
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This blog celebrates my adventures in academia while revealing my in-class, on-the-road, and at-home experiences in the United States and as an expat in the...
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The Great Cape Verde Adventure

All the information you need to know about living, working, starting a business or retiring in Cape Verde.
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Ozawapi in Southeast Asia

We are Florine and Simon, world wanderers and curious photography amateurs. We love to explore new places and share what we find with our friends and all. We're...
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Catchmercurial is the combination blog and writing/photography portfolio that captures the essence, as best as possible, of a curious expat Kiwi exploring the...
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3rd Culture Children

3rd culture children
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China Hope Live

A cross-cultural adventure with the personal side of China.
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Cabo de Gata Photography

Photography and ethnology experiences in and around the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata and Europe's only desert in the Almería province of Spain.
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Green Living in Dubai

A mother's diary of living sustainable with her toddler in UAE. Discovering eco travel ideas. Endeavoring to spread the awareness about local environment and...
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