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This blog is a place to share experiences and opinions, to talk about culture shock or differences and to find a way to cope with this adventure. When you live in another country, it is easy to feel frustrated and not understood. As an immigrant myself, I know that it can be a tough and lonely path to walk through. If you ever feel like this, maybe this blog can help you to find that empathy or company you are looking for. This blog is by no means a place to point fingers at or complain about a particular country or nationality. There is also zero tolerance to racist comments and discrimination. This space has the goal to create a positive environment and provide support to people who want to understand what it is to live in another country and the process of adaption. All pictures and posts belong to ©ElInmigrante 2013, unless stated otherwise.


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Peru  expat living in the Netherlands

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  • About me: I am from Peru. I lived in England for one year. I am currently living in Amsterdam. It has been 7 years of adventure abroad. My blog Living abroad is an experience. It could be the greatest or the worst thing that ever happened to you. Either way, we all have plenty of stories to tell about it. By sharing my own experiences, I hope I can reach to those who still find it difficult or the ones that are having an awesome time. The idea is simple: let's share stories!
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